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409 Airbus A320-212 5N-FNA First Nation Airways 07. Apr 2011 N409AG Aviation Capital Group (ACG) N409AG lsf ACG
466 Airbus A320-212 5N-FNB First Nation Airways 08. Apr 2011 N466AG Aviation Capital Group (ACG) N466AG lsf ACG
497 Airbus A320-212 5N-FNC First Nation Airways 10. Apr 2011 N997AG Aviation Capital Group (ACG) N997AG lsf ACG

Additional Information

Status Description

Active - Active, currently in service
Stored - Temporarily or permanently stored (withdrawn from use)
Scrapped - Scrapped, parted out
Written Off - Crashed or written off due to severe damage (beyond repair)
On Order - On Order
Not Built - Airframe not completed or not built
Unknown - Unknown status
Preserved - Preserved in museum
Inactive - Not in service anymore with this airline, went to other operator
Planned - Delivery planned, not in service yet.