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Airbus A340-200 Production List

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Prev. Reg
004 Airbus A340-213 HZ-124 Al-Atheer Aviation 10-2012 Active F-WWBA
006 Airbus A340-212 ZS-SLF South African Airways 24-06-2004 Active D-AIBF
008 Airbus A340-212 ZS-SLA South African Airways 08-04-2003 Preserved D-AIBA lsf AFS
009 Airbus A340-212 HZ-A1 Alpha Star 01-07-2013 Active HZ-AJ1
010 Airbus A340-211 F-GNIA Air France 13-05-1993 Written Off F-WWJC dbr 20Jan94 at CDG in groundfire 0(0), lsf Sabena
011 Airbus A340-212 F-WTBG GMT Holdings 02-02-2012 Stored ZS-SLB
014 Airbus A340-212 JY-AIC Royal Jordanian 03-07-2007
Active F-OHLP Princess Salma Bint Abdullah, rr, lsf Aldebaran Leasing, cvtd -211
018 Airbus A340-212 F-WTDB GMT Holdings 15-02-2013 Stored ZS-SLC
019 Airbus A340-212 ZS-SLD South African Airways 27-08-2003 Stored D-AIBE lsf AFS
021 Airbus A340-212 ZS-SLE South African Airways 22-09-2003 Scrapped D-AIBH
022 Airbus A340-212 JY-AID Royal Jordanian 03-07-2007
Active F-OHLQ Queen Rania Alabdulah, rr, lsf Aldebaran Leasing, cvtd -211
026 Airbus A340-211 A7-HHK Qatar Amiri Flight 28-05-1993 Active F-WWJQ
031 Airbus A340-211 YV1004 Conviasa 10-2007
Stored F-WQTN Simòn Bolívar El Libertador
038 Airbus A340-211 JY-AIA Royal Jordanian 16-07-2002 Active F-GLZE Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah, lsf Airbus
043 Airbus A340-211 JY-AIB Royal Jordanian 09-08-2002 Active F-GLZF Princess Iman Bint Abdullah, lsd
046 Airbus A340-212 V8-BKH Brunei Government 04-1996
Active V8-PJB rr
061 Airbus A340-211 SU-GGG Egypt Government 22-02-1995 Active F-WWJI
063 Airbus A340-211 LV-ZPO Aerolineas Argentinas 15-06-1999 Active F-OHPF lsf Airbus
074 Airbus A340-211 LV-ZPJ Aerolineas Argentinas 04-06-1999 Active F-OHPG lsf Airbus
075 Airbus A340-212 F-RAJA Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) 08-12-2006 Active OE-LAG
080 Airbus A340-211 LV-ZPX Aerolineas Argentinas 12-07-1999 Active F-OHPH lsf Airbus
081 Airbus A340-212 F-RAJB Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) 11-05-2006 Active OE-LAH
085 Airbus A340-211 LV-ZRA Aerolineas Argentinas 12-08-1999 Active F-OHPI lsf Airbus
151 Airbus A340-213 5A-ONE Libya Government 02-09-2013 Active HZ-WBT4
156 Airbus A340-212 SU-GBM EgyptAir 26-11-1996 Stored F-WWJK Osiris Express
159 Airbus A340-212 SU-GBN EgyptAir 20-12-1996 Active F-WWJV Cleo Express
178 Airbus A340-212 SU-GBO EgyptAir 30-06-1997 Active F-WWJD Hathor Express
204 Airbus A340-213 HZ-HMS2 Saudi Arabian Government 12-2010
Active HZ-HMS

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Status Description

Active - Active, currently in service
Stored - Temporarily or permanently stored (withdrawn from use)
Scrapped - Scrapped, parted out
Written Off - Crashed or written off due to severe damage (beyond repair)
On Order - On Order
Not Built - Airframe not completed or not built
Unknown - Unknown status
Preserved - Preserved in museum
Inactive - Not in service anymore with this airline, went to other operator
Planned - Delivery planned, not in service yet.