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D-AHHF Hamburg Airways Airbus A320-214 - cn 888

Airframe Details
Construction Number (MSN) 888
Aircraft Type Airbus A320-214
First Flight 04. Sep 1998
Age 16.1 Years
Test registration F-WWDG
Airframe Status Active

Operator History

Aircraft Type
EC-GZE Airbus A320-214 Iberworld 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 17. Dec 1998 Leased from GECAS
bt 2001 by BBAM and leased back
F-HBAC Airbus A320-214 Aigle Azur 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 03. Dec 2004 Leased from BBAM
wfu 04. Apr 2011
HB-JIW Airbus A320-214 Hello 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P Y174 16. May 2011 Leased from BBAM
wfu 21. Oct 2012
ferried BSL-SEN 31. Oct 2012 for storage on return to lessor
EI-EZA Airbus A320-214 BBAM 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 03. Dec 2012 rr
D-AHHF Airbus A320-214 Hamburg Airways 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 03. May 2013 Leased from BBAM
ferried SEN-HAM 06. May 2013 on delivery

Aviation Photos Airbus A320-214 - 888