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G-ZBAH Monarch Airlines Airbus A320-214 - cn 1413

Airframe Details
Construction Number (MSN) 1413
Aircraft Type Airbus A320-214
First Flight 24-01-2001
Age 13.2 Years
Test registration F-WWDI
Airframe Status Active

Operator History

Aircraft Type
Aircraft Name
OO-SNH Airbus A320-214 Sabena 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 23-03-2001 Leased from SALE
EI-CWT Airbus A320-214 Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE) 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 09-11-2001 ret
SU-LBE Airbus A320-214 Lotus Air 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 27-05-2002 Leased from SALE
SU-LBE Airbus A320-214 Oman Air 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 08-06-2002 Leased from Lotus Air
SU-LBE Airbus A320-214 Lotus Air 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 09-2002 ret, leased from SALE
returned to lessor 06-2004
TC-JLF Airbus A320-214 Turkish Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P 06-07-2004 Sakarya Leased from SALE
returned to lessor 02-2007
EC-KBU Airbus A320-214 Vueling 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P Y180 05-04-2007 Be Vueling my friend Leased from BOC
wfu 10-03-2013
G-ZBAH Airbus A320-214 Monarch Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/P Y174 10-06-2013 Leased from BOC

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